Living By The Stream

Hello! I’m Brooke.

Originally from Nashville, TN living in beautiful Cape Town, SA. Married to a wonderful Dutch man, Raphael.

In a nutshell, I moved to South Africa in 2015 with a passion to bring the hope & healing of Jesus to women who have been sexually exploited. I work with an organization called S-CAPE that runs a safe house for victims of human trafficking.

IMG_1124Raphael & I met the day I moved to South Africa on November 1, 2015. I lived in a little granny flat behind his house. After being friends for 6 months we started dating and then eventually got married March 2017.

He first came to South Africa in 2013 to do a 9 month School of Biblical Studies. After that he stayed in Cape Town working in local communities discipling young guys & teaching and training pastors.

We both dearly love this beautiful & diverse Rainbow nation that we get to call home. If you would like to keep up with us, you can subscribe to our newsletters. Just send an email with ‘subscribe’ in the subject box to either/both |

*Raphael’s newsletter is in Dutch FYI 🙂


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