Big News!!

Hi friends!

Hope you all are doing well and off to a great summer! I wanted to keep you in the loop about what’s been going lately. During the past 7 months as I’ve been living in Nashville working at a coffee shop and trying to figure out where God wants me to be. To be honest, its been a pretty difficult to be still and patient. The Lord has been teaching me about what it looks like to let Him lead in His timing and not mine.

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So a few months ago,a lady came into my work and mentioned Living Hope, a ministry in Cape Town, South Africa. I had actually just watched a documentary about it, but hadn’t thought much about it. After meeting her, I began researching and looking into it. It looked amazing, but I didn’t have full peace about it. I loved my time with YWAM and was hoping that I wasn’t through there, so I looked to see if there is a YWAM base near the other organization and in fact, there is! Not only that, but literally everything I am passionate about, feel I’m gifted at, and was hoping and praying to be able to pursue can be wrapped up into that base. Some of the things that draw me are:

  1. It’s in Africa (a place I’ve felt pulled to since I was a teenager)
  2. They have a safe home for young women coming out of sex-trafficking/prostitution
  3. It has a ministry dedicated to discipling and teaching girls about their identity, purpose, and destiny
  4. It’s by the ocean (something I had been praying for! God cares about what we care about :))
  5. The girl who runs the safe home also hopes to open a coffee shop to provide a place of employment and community. Everything closes around 4pm in the area so the only options after 4pm are pubs.
  6. The same lady who runs the safe home hopes to create a vocational training center for girls when they are ready to get back on there feet (a  dream of mine!!)
  7. It has a great community.
  8. AND the base is only a few miles away from Living Hope, so I would be able to volunteer there when time permits.

As I was applying to YWAM staff and to work with the ministries listed above, even though everything was lining up, I was still doubting if this was 100% what God wanted me to do. (Don’t we all want 10 signs, 4 prophetic words, 3 confirmation verses, etc ; )? One day, I was sitting at a coffee shop about to submit my application and prayed a simple prayer, “God, if you want me to do this please make it clear. I want to be where you want me. Give me a sign or close the door.”

I hit submit and within a few minutes I heard  two men next to me speaking in another language. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard someone ask them where they were from and they responded, “South Africa”. So of course, I had to go to talk to them.

Both men are from SA; one lives in Nashville and the other lives in Cape Town. One of the men’s sister even did her YWAM Discipleship Training School at the base I had just applied for. They’re both believers and we got to chat for quite a while. The one who lives in SA is an entrepreneur and is working on opening a coffee shop next!! (one of my dreams!) As we were saying goodbye, I got their contact information and then they prayed for me. I was so amazed and it could not have been clearer to me that it was a sign from the Lord.

Through the process of being accepted and starting my preparation to go I’ve had complete peace. I’ve been asked, “how long will you stay?” Not sure, but I’m planning you on a least a year. “What are you going to be doing?”, “where will you live?” I don’t have all the answers, but the Lord does, and that’s part of the adventure though, right?! : )


So, I’m moving forward and planning to be full time YWAM staff starting around September/October (Lord willing)!!

This is a 100% volunteer position so I will be relying on support. I’ve seen God miraculously provide so abundantly in my life and know that He is always faithful to lead us through whatever He calls us to. The YWAM base  has advised me that the exchange rate fluctuates constantly, so to be on the safe side $500/month is approximately what they suggest I have. In addition, I will need funds for traveling to SA.

I would love to ask you to pray and ask God if He calling you to support this vision and what God is doing in SA. Whether that’s to spend time praying for these young women who desperately need to know they are loved; giving financially, either monthly or a one time amount; reading my emails and seeing the testimonies of God’s faithfulness and unending love; joining me and coming with;) or nothing at all. Whatever He says is great; I would just challenge you to ask God and be obedient to what he says.

Financially, I would love your support, but PLEASE don’t give under any compulsion. However, If you do want to give you can click the “get involved” tab on my home page and check out which giving option is best for you. It’s tax deductible as well!

I love you all and am forever thankful for each of you and the way you’ve impacted my life. You are a blessing and I love the way God calls each of us to such different, yet equally, amazing destinies.


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