It’s getting real, y’all

Things are getting REAL. Over the past two months I’ve been busy preparing. Who knew flying across the globe would take¬†so much preparation?! ūüėČ The process has been a bit delayed, because of an unexpected trip I’ll be taking to New York to apply for my visa. They’re a very hospitable¬†country and want to meet me in person instead of the “hassle” of sending the paper work ūüėČ So, I’ll be heading up there the first week of September.

Throughout this process, it has been so easy to get overwhelmed, become anxious, doubt God’s provision, and focus on ME¬†and MY¬†preparation, that I totally miss what God is doing in the moment. Over and over again I’m humbled by God’s grace and forgiveness, even when I mess up the same way 10,000 times. He is love, and His grace covers all. Hallelujah!

One of those humbling times was¬†yesterday. I¬†was feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of MY “to do” list which then shrunk to a little pea¬†when I started reading a family’s blog. This family, the Harger’s,¬†are¬†also moving to South Africa to staff with the same YWAM base I am! Crazy huh!? They are friend’s of a friend of mine. Anyways, the¬†family of 6 are moving to SA this month. They’ve been living out of an RV for the past year as part of the preparation (how cool is that!?). AND if that’s not enough one of their children has eosinophilic esophagitis, a disease that causes an allergic reaction to ALL food. I am so blown away by this family and their willingness to go and serve no matter the cost, and I haven’t even met them! Check out their story¬†HERE.

As I’m getting some more details in order, I’ve been reminded so many¬†times that just as important as the practical details are, how much more important prayer is! I would greatly appreciate your prayers!! I’m committed to praying for you as well! Please send me anything at all that I can¬†be praying for you about¬†HERE.

I’m still a good ways away from the financial support I’ll need to live in South Africa. My biggest need right now is monthly support. If you would like to give (it’s tax deductible and super easy!) click¬†HERE.Thanks so much!! If you want to know more about the ministry, S-cape, I’ll be working with here’s a¬†link¬†to their website.

Lastly, if you live in the Nashville area, mark your calendars! On August 14th from 6:30-9pm I’ll be sharing my story, how the Lord has led me, and how you can partner with me. There will be live music, coffee and fun people! All are welcome! Location: The Well (Granny White) which is a coffee shop that exists to giving back (primarily to building wells in Africa!)

lots of love,