IMG_3963I’m back {in one piece}! What a crazy awesome adventure this past week was!! A few months ago, my friend Lisa asked if I wanted to go to the Amazon with her and her friend’s church for a week – how can ya turn that down?!

We spent 4 nights on this boat sleeping in hammocks….way better than any hotel!! And, miraculously I didn’t feel seasick once! We went to a new village each day and traveled during the night to the next one. The nurses, pharmacist, and doctors on our team were able to meet with anyone in the village that wanted medical assistance and provide care for them. There were over 30 cases of leprosy, tuberculosis,IMG_6965-2 plenty of parasites and other illnesses that they were able to treat. The people were so grateful to have not only get medicine and physical care, but also to be able to sit down with a nurse or doctor and actually be able to talk through what problems they are having and get medical assistance (a rare thing for most of these people).

IMG_7370My role was cutting hair (ha!!) I got a 5 minute mini lesson on how to cut hair and then started chopping away. Little did these sweet eager Brazilians know I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was doing. So, I avoided kids with straight short hair and used my little knowledge and God’s grace to cut hair {preferably curly hair ;)}. My favorite time was the last village where school was canceled for the day so kids and parents could go to the doctor and/or “barber shop”. IMG_3904We set up shop in a sweet hut that also serves as a classroom. One of the guys wiggled some hanging wires together and ta da we had electricity to use a razor. We later found out that this same village had men in trees all day watching us because they really don’t trust us white folk!!

IMG_3907Even though we couldn’t understand each other because of the language barrier I prayed and declared hope, blessing, understanding, truth, and revelation over their lives as I cut their hair. When I was bummed that I couldn’t communicate with them, the Lord constantly reminded me to never underestimate the power of prayer.

At night, we had church. What blew me away the most was a group of men who came eachIMG_7193 night to pour out their love to Jesus. This group of men KNOW Jesus. They KNOW what He’s done for them and they are in love. They live together on a remote island attending a rehab center. They have literally nothing.
But they have Jesus, and thats enough. They followed us to each village to have church and let me tell you, they didn’t care one ounce what the person next to them thought. They IMG_7512sang with all their might, weeped on the floor, and cried out to God like I’ve never seen. These men have abandoned every bit of pride and are running to Jesus with complete abandonment. It was one of the most beautiful pictures of coming to the end of ones self I’ve ever seen. I want to be more like them.

The last night our team worshiped Jesus in English while the others worshiped in Portuguese. There’s something so powerful when sons and daughterIMG_7884s from totally different nations, cultures, & upbringings come together and worship the same God in unison.

The last few days of our trip we went back to Manaus and got to go and do some pretty epic things! We saw a floating village (literally). They even have a school boat to take students to their floating school. How cool is that?! We went on a jungle hike where we learned how to fight a jaguar, drank pure water out of a tree branch, and saw a tarantula20150829_115421ula that I hope to never see again. We visited an indigenous tribe where we learned some tribal dances, and got to swim with a pink dolphin in the Amazon!


Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! It was a great trip and I’m so thankful for the ways the Lord chose to use completely unqualified people to further the Kingdom and teach us more about who Himself!

Things are winding up in Tennessee. My mom and I leave for NY next week where I’ll be applying for my visa and then if everything goes smoothly will be leaving for South Africa middle of October! Thank you to all of my prayer warriors and all of your support. I can’t imagine doing this without you all.

11698835_10153002410241769_2083855243018058792_nI’m getting closer to having my financial needs met! Woo! If you would like to support me either monthly or one time I would be so grateful {and its tax deductible woot woot} I’m also selling these necklaces as well – let me know if you’d like one!

Love you all dearly.

much love,