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IMG_3963I’m back {in one piece}! What a crazy awesome adventure this past week was!! A few months ago, my friend Lisa asked if I wanted to go to the Amazon with her and her friend’s church for a week – how can ya turn that down?!

We spent 4 nights on this boat sleeping in hammocks….way better than any hotel!! And, miraculously I didn’t feel seasick once! We went to a new village each day and traveled during the night to the next one. The nurses, pharmacist, and doctors on our team were able to meet with anyone in the village that wanted medical assistance and provide care for them. There were over 30 cases of leprosy, tuberculosis,IMG_6965-2 plenty of parasites and other illnesses that they were able to treat. The people were so grateful to have not only get medicine and physical care, but also to be able to sit down with a nurse or doctor and actually be able to talk through what problems they are having and get medical assistance (a rare thing for most of these people).

IMG_7370My role was cutting hair (ha!!) I got a 5 minute mini lesson on how to cut hair and then started chopping away. Little did these sweet eager Brazilians know I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was doing. So, I avoided kids with straight short hair and used my little knowledge and God’s grace to cut hair {preferably curly hair ;)}. My favorite time was the last village where school was canceled for the day so kids and parents could go to the doctor and/or “barber shop”. IMG_3904We set up shop in a sweet hut that also serves as a classroom. One of the guys wiggled some hanging wires together and ta da we had electricity to use a razor. We later found out that this same village had men in trees all day watching us because they really don’t trust us white folk!!

IMG_3907Even though we couldn’t understand each other because of the language barrier I prayed and declared hope, blessing, understanding, truth, and revelation over their lives as I cut their hair. When I was bummed that I couldn’t communicate with them, the Lord constantly reminded me to never underestimate the power of prayer.

At night, we had church. What blew me away the most was a group of men who came eachIMG_7193 night to pour out their love to Jesus. This group of men KNOW Jesus. They KNOW what He’s done for them and they are in love. They live together on a remote island attending a rehab center. They have literally nothing.
But they have Jesus, and thats enough. They followed us to each village to have church and let me tell you, they didn’t care one ounce what the person next to them thought. They IMG_7512sang with all their might, weeped on the floor, and cried out to God like I’ve never seen. These men have abandoned every bit of pride and are running to Jesus with complete abandonment. It was one of the most beautiful pictures of coming to the end of ones self I’ve ever seen. I want to be more like them.

The last night our team worshiped Jesus in English while the others worshiped in Portuguese. There’s something so powerful when sons and daughterIMG_7884s from totally different nations, cultures, & upbringings come together and worship the same God in unison.

The last few days of our trip we went back to Manaus and got to go and do some pretty epic things! We saw a floating village (literally). They even have a school boat to take students to their floating school. How cool is that?! We went on a jungle hike where we learned how to fight a jaguar, drank pure water out of a tree branch, and saw a tarantula20150829_115421ula that I hope to never see again. We visited an indigenous tribe where we learned some tribal dances, and got to swim with a pink dolphin in the Amazon!


Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! It was a great trip and I’m so thankful for the ways the Lord chose to use completely unqualified people to further the Kingdom and teach us more about who Himself!

Things are winding up in Tennessee. My mom and I leave for NY next week where I’ll be applying for my visa and then if everything goes smoothly will be leaving for South Africa middle of October! Thank you to all of my prayer warriors and all of your support. I can’t imagine doing this without you all.

11698835_10153002410241769_2083855243018058792_nI’m getting closer to having my financial needs met! Woo! If you would like to support me either monthly or one time I would be so grateful {and its tax deductible woot woot} I’m also selling these necklaces as well – let me know if you’d like one!

Love you all dearly.

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It’s getting real, y’all

Things are getting REAL. Over the past two months I’ve been busy preparing. Who knew flying across the globe would take so much preparation?! 😉 The process has been a bit delayed, because of an unexpected trip I’ll be taking to New York to apply for my visa. They’re a very hospitable country and want to meet me in person instead of the “hassle” of sending the paper work 😉 So, I’ll be heading up there the first week of September.

Throughout this process, it has been so easy to get overwhelmed, become anxious, doubt God’s provision, and focus on ME and MY preparation, that I totally miss what God is doing in the moment. Over and over again I’m humbled by God’s grace and forgiveness, even when I mess up the same way 10,000 times. He is love, and His grace covers all. Hallelujah!

One of those humbling times was yesterday. I was feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of MY “to do” list which then shrunk to a little pea when I started reading a family’s blog. This family, the Harger’s, are also moving to South Africa to staff with the same YWAM base I am! Crazy huh!? They are friend’s of a friend of mine. Anyways, the family of 6 are moving to SA this month. They’ve been living out of an RV for the past year as part of the preparation (how cool is that!?). AND if that’s not enough one of their children has eosinophilic esophagitis, a disease that causes an allergic reaction to ALL food. I am so blown away by this family and their willingness to go and serve no matter the cost, and I haven’t even met them! Check out their story HERE.

As I’m getting some more details in order, I’ve been reminded so many times that just as important as the practical details are, how much more important prayer is! I would greatly appreciate your prayers!! I’m committed to praying for you as well! Please send me anything at all that I can be praying for you about HERE.

I’m still a good ways away from the financial support I’ll need to live in South Africa. My biggest need right now is monthly support. If you would like to give (it’s tax deductible and super easy!) click HERE.Thanks so much!! If you want to know more about the ministry, S-cape, I’ll be working with here’s a link to their website.

Lastly, if you live in the Nashville area, mark your calendars! On August 14th from 6:30-9pm I’ll be sharing my story, how the Lord has led me, and how you can partner with me. There will be live music, coffee and fun people! All are welcome! Location: The Well (Granny White) which is a coffee shop that exists to giving back (primarily to building wells in Africa!)

lots of love,


Big News!!

Hi friends!

Hope you all are doing well and off to a great summer! I wanted to keep you in the loop about what’s been going lately. During the past 7 months as I’ve been living in Nashville working at a coffee shop and trying to figure out where God wants me to be. To be honest, its been a pretty difficult to be still and patient. The Lord has been teaching me about what it looks like to let Him lead in His timing and not mine.

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So a few months ago,a lady came into my work and mentioned Living Hope, a ministry in Cape Town, South Africa. I had actually just watched a documentary about it, but hadn’t thought much about it. After meeting her, I began researching and looking into it. It looked amazing, but I didn’t have full peace about it. I loved my time with YWAM and was hoping that I wasn’t through there, so I looked to see if there is a YWAM base near the other organization and in fact, there is! Not only that, but literally everything I am passionate about, feel I’m gifted at, and was hoping and praying to be able to pursue can be wrapped up into that base. Some of the things that draw me are:

  1. It’s in Africa (a place I’ve felt pulled to since I was a teenager)
  2. They have a safe home for young women coming out of sex-trafficking/prostitution
  3. It has a ministry dedicated to discipling and teaching girls about their identity, purpose, and destiny
  4. It’s by the ocean (something I had been praying for! God cares about what we care about :))
  5. The girl who runs the safe home also hopes to open a coffee shop to provide a place of employment and community. Everything closes around 4pm in the area so the only options after 4pm are pubs.
  6. The same lady who runs the safe home hopes to create a vocational training center for girls when they are ready to get back on there feet (a  dream of mine!!)
  7. It has a great community.
  8. AND the base is only a few miles away from Living Hope, so I would be able to volunteer there when time permits.

As I was applying to YWAM staff and to work with the ministries listed above, even though everything was lining up, I was still doubting if this was 100% what God wanted me to do. (Don’t we all want 10 signs, 4 prophetic words, 3 confirmation verses, etc ; )? One day, I was sitting at a coffee shop about to submit my application and prayed a simple prayer, “God, if you want me to do this please make it clear. I want to be where you want me. Give me a sign or close the door.”

I hit submit and within a few minutes I heard  two men next to me speaking in another language. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard someone ask them where they were from and they responded, “South Africa”. So of course, I had to go to talk to them.

Both men are from SA; one lives in Nashville and the other lives in Cape Town. One of the men’s sister even did her YWAM Discipleship Training School at the base I had just applied for. They’re both believers and we got to chat for quite a while. The one who lives in SA is an entrepreneur and is working on opening a coffee shop next!! (one of my dreams!) As we were saying goodbye, I got their contact information and then they prayed for me. I was so amazed and it could not have been clearer to me that it was a sign from the Lord.

Through the process of being accepted and starting my preparation to go I’ve had complete peace. I’ve been asked, “how long will you stay?” Not sure, but I’m planning you on a least a year. “What are you going to be doing?”, “where will you live?” I don’t have all the answers, but the Lord does, and that’s part of the adventure though, right?! : )


So, I’m moving forward and planning to be full time YWAM staff starting around September/October (Lord willing)!!

This is a 100% volunteer position so I will be relying on support. I’ve seen God miraculously provide so abundantly in my life and know that He is always faithful to lead us through whatever He calls us to. The YWAM base  has advised me that the exchange rate fluctuates constantly, so to be on the safe side $500/month is approximately what they suggest I have. In addition, I will need funds for traveling to SA.

I would love to ask you to pray and ask God if He calling you to support this vision and what God is doing in SA. Whether that’s to spend time praying for these young women who desperately need to know they are loved; giving financially, either monthly or a one time amount; reading my emails and seeing the testimonies of God’s faithfulness and unending love; joining me and coming with;) or nothing at all. Whatever He says is great; I would just challenge you to ask God and be obedient to what he says.

Financially, I would love your support, but PLEASE don’t give under any compulsion. However, If you do want to give you can click the “get involved” tab on my home page and check out which giving option is best for you. It’s tax deductible as well!

I love you all and am forever thankful for each of you and the way you’ve impacted my life. You are a blessing and I love the way God calls each of us to such different, yet equally, amazing destinies.

Back in the U.S.A. eh?

I wanted to send one last quick update. I’m now back in Franklin, TN and have had the past week or so to really think back on all that has happened over the last 5 months – I just keep thinking about all the ways that God’s hand has been so evident during this season. I’m so grateful and blessed to see so tangibly the ways God has worked in me and through myself and amazing team.

IMG_1631 (2)

View from Taipei 101

The last few weeks in Taiwan were insane!! We got to share with so many students. At one point we led a chapel service for 1,000 students! We were able to share about Jesus with hundreds of children of all ages as well as at a military school. Almost all of the time we were in public schools. Everyone there so badly wants to learn English that the schools really don’t care what we talked about as long as it was in English. So, we literally were able to go into all these classes and share the beautiful story of the Gospel as well as talk and pray with them in small groups. In a country where only 5% of people know Jesus, that was pretty amazing to say the least. God definitely opened up the door wide open for us and the response was huge!!IMG_1826

Taiwan is a very conservative culture, where it is traditional to keep personal thoughts/decisions to yourself. At one of the schools, we asked kids who wanted to follow Jesus to stand up and come forward. Our contacts, we later found out were in shock that we had asked kids to make such a bold move – they were sure none of the kids would come forward. But, when people experience the love God has for them they’re overwhelmed by His love and can’t help but respond. Hundreds of children with child-like faith gave their precious lives to Jesus. I can’t even tell you how many, but a party in heaven was definitely going down 😉 God loves those people so much!


Last hooray with these beautiful ladies before leaving Indo!


….anddd were back together again! oh happy day!

The next week was a whirlwind meeting up with the other outreach team in Indonesia for the week to debrief, then back to Australia for graduation. On graduation day one of the girls from our school made a comment that her foot was in pain. She was a dancer as a child, but injured it over 10 years ago and has never been able to move it properly since. In the car on the way to Subway for lunch we prayed for her foot and instantly it was healed! She was so overwhelmed and moved to tears by God’s goodness and power. We literally watched her move her foot dramatically further than she had been able to just minutes before. It was so awesome to see and again affirm that God is just as at work in 3rd world countries as He is in Australia or America! He is the same loving God everywhere and at all times. It doesn’t take an organization or missions trip to bring Heaven to Earth! It just takes people who love Jesus, believe in His power and love, surrendering their comforts, schedules, and wallets to literally change this world. God is so ready to use each of us – if were alive today, then there’s a reason. He’s got something awesome planned for us to partner with Him on!IMG_1953

It’s really hard to put into words what an impactful, freeing and life-changing season this has been in my life. I’m incredibly thankful for this time growing closer to Jesus and experiencing His deep love. He is so worth our time and attention // trash for treasures // broken to whole // bondage to freedom. Yeeeooow!


Graduation. So, bittersweet.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve each given. It has been such a crucial part of this whole thing and your prayers and support have advanced the Kingdom. How rad to think that one day you will get to meet all the people you’ve impacted through your prayers and support!

As for after DTS, I have moved back home to Franklin where I’ll be for…? I don’t know what’s next all I know is that I’m supposed to be here right now and am trying to be patient and wait on the Lord for what’s next! 🙂 So, if you’re in the area don’t be a stranger!

Love all of y’all. Merry Merry Christmas!


love. love. love.

Hobbit Land {New Zealand}

A few snapshots from the dreamy magical land of New Zealand. We started in Christchurch and road tripped around the South Island getting to see some of the most picturesque places in the world, milked a cow, tried to catch a herd of sheep (major fail on my part), went horseback riding, saw glowworms in a cave, ate pavlova and loved every moment!
















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Nihao from Taiwan

WARNING: it’s a long one.

IMG_1394We had an awesome last week in Sumba and it was definitely bittersweet saying goodbye to all our friends at House of Hope. We pent the last week going to different villages – some of the darkest places I’ve ever experienced. One of the villages we went to had a burial for a man they had been worshiping for 27 years. It’s very common for families to keep a deceased person’s body in the home to worship for years after the death.

We met some amazing people in the villages – pastors and Jesus lovers who have been ministering in these incredibly hard places for years with relentless faith and perseverance. They are the real heroes of the faith! As hopeless and forgotten as some of these villages felt God hasn’t forgotten them. WeIMG_0950 saw many marupu worshippers touched by the love of Jesus. I got the privilege of leading two women to Jesus. 🙂 They were undone by His love for them and will never be the same. Jesus also healed a lady’s blind eye, a mans back (the guy on our team praying for him realized his back pain was caused by one leg being longer than the other and actually watched his leg grow in front of him!) and many other miracles that we didn’t see the physical results but I believe wholeheartedly that God healed them physically and/or spiritually. There really is no greater joy than watching someone encounter Jesus’s love for the first time!

IMG_1614 (2)We’re now in Taiwan where we’ve been about a week in a half. It’s about as different from Sumba as you can get! Our apartment is on a busy city street outside of Taipei full of people in a hurry, scooters zipping by, flashy neon lights, one food vendor after another…questionable street meet galore and tofu that they actually accurately call ‘stinky tofu’!! I love the craziness of the city! We spent the first couple of days getting taken around the city by our contacts which was a nice transition. 🙂

The hunger Taiwanese people have for truth has been really surprising and awesome! For example, our team was sitting by a river playing some music (Coldplay or something like that) and a man approached us and said, “you all are like 7 angels”. He openly started telling us how much he hated God for the pain he felt like God had caused in his life. He no longer IMG_1709 (1)worships God but believes anything can be god. As mislead and broken as this man was I could see in his eyes he was desperate for God’s love and healing. I definitely don’t think it was an accident that we
met him. We mostly just listened to him. He also let us pray for him. (I’ve noticed that people rarely refuse prayer no matter their opinion of God!) He stuck around and worshipped with us. While we worshipped the Creator, he worshipped the creation. We are all created to worship. Why he wanted to worship beside us out of all places despite his hatred for God I don’t know other than that God’s presence draws in even the hardest of hearts.

IMG_1494We’ve had the privilege of sharing the gospel in different contexts here such as at a local coffee shop that is part of YWAM’s ministry and also in difference youth groups. BUT what I think is the most amazing is that we have been invited to come to a local public middle school. There’s no logical reason why a school that is predominantly Animist/Buddhist would invite Western Christians to come openly preach the gospel to students!

We  perform dramas, share testimonies, the Gospel story, sing and dance with the kids, and talk/pray for them in small groups. This is the vast majority of IMG_1680these kids first time to ever hear the name of Jesus! The fact that we’re even able to come to the school is a miracle and shows how much God wants relationships with them.

This past week I’ve seen a glimpse of Jesus’ deep deep love for His people. Through my great weaknesses of fear, pride, apathy, tiredness, dependence on myself, frustrations, insecurities, not having a clue how to share the Gospel, stumbling over my words, (even setting off the fire alarm in the school!) God in His grace chose to use our team because His love for His lost sheep is so real. The amazing thing too about minisIMG_4202try is that while I’m pouring out Jesus is pouring into me and He keeps taking me deeper. Physically after sharing in 6 classes to 150+ kids I’m exhausted, but spiritually I’m more alive than when we start! Lives have been touched, children have accepted Jesus’ love for them, even a guy who has not been able to smell for years regained his sense of smell! And it’s all because  the Creator is so in love with His kids and goes to great lengths to demonstrate His love!

Okay, I’m done!…sorry this has been such a long email! But thank you again so much for your support and prayers! Please don’t stop! Spiritual warfare is definitely present and we need IMG_1490 (2)an army of prayer warriors fighting with us to finish well.  Prayer is our greatest weapon.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:1-2

Until Next Time…

Sumba, Indonesia

Greetings from Sumba!

So much has been happening these past two weeks!

10629586_10105480436732734_564893554313645925_nWe had a great last week of lectures in Bali before we split up into our 2 teams. We stayed at the YWAM base there and had fun hanging with the staff and students and getting to see beautiful Bali.

What I really want to share about though is about this past week here in on the island of Sumba. We arrived at the airport Saturday afternoon (the whole airport is one room with a single unisex toilet if that gives you an idea of where we are 🙂 We are staying at a place here called House of Hope which was started by a radical man from Kansas named Doug who came to Sumba 14 years ago. He had a IMG_1416dream to house students who aren’t able to go to school because their village is too far away or their family can’t afford to send them to school. He now runs the place with several other staff and about 30 kids. Its one big beautiful family who each love Jesus and each other so well. All of the kids here are so passionately in love with Jesus and several have gone back to their village and loved their friends and family into the Kingdom. You can’t get up to wash your dish before one of the kids runs to take if from you with a smile. They honor and serve each other with joy like I’ve never seen.

IMG_1428On Wednesday we left House of Hope to travel several hours in a pickup truck along dirt roads to an even more remote part of the island. Our team stayed at the village pastor’s home. 7 foreigners, 1 translator, and a family of 6 (not including the family’s cat, dogs, chickens and pigs) as well as several street kids staying in a 3 room house made of straw and bamboo makes for an interesting week for sure!! The family’s generosity and care for the community is something I could definitely learn from! We started off breaking almost every cultural rule we possibly could. It was rocky start! Each day was different. We spent the majority of each day praying for each other, worshiping, and resting in His pIMG_1427resence. We prayed and asked God what He wanted to do before doing anything. At first I felt guilty and felt like we should be “doing” more. But if I’ve learned one thing this week it’s the importance of living out of the overflow. I’ve learned the importance of abiding in Him. Fruit comes as a result of being connected to the vine. We can’t produce fruit, it’s a natural outcome of our connection as the branch to the vine (John 15). And let me tell ya, God produced some major fruit this week!!The first day we went to homes in the village and the local “hospital” to pray for the sick. The next morning we woke up to a man knocking on our 11062653_10152921943622615_7699848155075356687_ndoor telling us that his asthma we had just prayed for the day before was gone! For years every morning he wakes up having extreme difficulty breathing, but this morning was different – no asthma!! He came all the way to our house so we could praise God together. The day after another man who had a rather large tumor on his side came back to tell us that it had been closed and had gone away!! He said he had been going to a witchdoctor but that he doesn’t want to go back because he knows One who is more powerful. We told him how much God loves him that he wants to take away his pain and heal him.

The next night we had an open air. God’s presence flooded the room. One of the two young girls who got delivered (about 14 years old) and came from a family of witchcraft came to church the next morning giving testimony. She said, “darkness has controlled me, but now I praise God.” She worshiped and danced in freedom in joy that morning. God rained freedom and healing of body and heart that night! I could keep going on about the miracles we saw, but I think the most amazing miracles were the ones of healing in people’s hearts. It was so much fun seeing such desperate people encounter God in a way so personal and special to them.

IMG_1414Through praying and ministering to the people here God has continued to show me His Father heart and take me deeper in Him. God is doing awesome things here!! Please keep praying – it’s all Him and has nothing to do with us. Prayer is key!!

Much love.

Destiny, Macadamia Nuts, & Todd White

Hello all!

Just a quick update…

Two weeks ago we spent the week on a Macadamia farm out in the beautiful countryside of Maleny, Queensland. The sweet elderly couple who hosted us IMG_0510open up their place regularly to YWAMers and missionaries as a kind of retreat place. All of their proceeds of the macadamias go to missions! We cracked macadamias, saw some kangaroos and learned about our passions, dreams, and destinies. We even got to see the premier of Holy Spirit, hear the director Darren White speak and have a worship sesh with Todd White! Pretty rad! 

During the week we wrote down 50 dreams for our life – try it! In a nutshell

this is what I took away/challenged me from the week: IMG_0511

– When trying to figure out our purpose we can become paralyzed in fear that we might get it wrong. God is looking for us to be proactive. He can work a lot easier with a moving car than a stopped car – don’t necessarily have to hear from God in a thousand different ways before we step out in faith

– Work on improving your strengths, not your weaknesses. You will enjoy working on your strengths and it will boost your confidence. Look for people to walk along side with who have strengths as your weaknesses.

– Our passions are the heartbeat for our life – they are what makes us come alive. Our giftings give us the power to live our passions. God has given us dreams, passions, and desires for a reason. We enjoy doing things that are linked with our dreams and therefore will probably do them really well. Our dreams are connected with our destiny! (God’s likely not going to call you to the bush of Africa for the rest of your life if you know your going to hate it because you’ll be miserable and feel like God owes you something).

– Our destiny/purpose is already in us, we just have to discover it, just like the DNA of an Oak Tree is already in the seed

– Have dreams, goals, and vision! “Where there is no vision, people parish.” – Proverbs 29:18

IMG_0490Last week was prayer week which was super cool. l experienced His power in such a real and intimate way like never before. Some really awesome things happened as we prayed almost 24/7 between the 9 of us as a team. Prayer is so much more powerful than we think!

Revelations, affirmations, truth…

– fruit appears because we are connected to the tree // intimacy with the Father will naturally bear fruit

– don’t be defined by experiences // keep persevering until our experiences line up with the God’s Word (if you pray for 100 people to be healed and no one is, keep persevering, God is still the healer…rely on that truth not not past experiences)

– when we sin the natural reaction is to “hide” from God. Instead, try spending more time in His presence. We’re the only ones that condemn ourselves. Jesus has already washed us clean. Fix your eyes on Jesus – not your sin!

– “All authority has been given back to God” – Mathew 28:18. He has raised us up to heavenly places and puts authority back into man. The same power and authority that raised Jesus from the dead has been given back to us!! Our prayers are so powerful – He wants to use US as His children to change lives, situations, work environments, nations…the world!

God is continuing to show me new aspects of His character and just how in love He is with each one of us! His affections is on us; He is always for us and never against us! Wooo!

Tomorrow morning (3:30am!) we fly to Bali, Indonesia for our last week of lectures (Missions) led by a local missionary. From there we split up into our two outreach teams. My team of 7 will fly to Sumba, a small island in Indo for 3 weeks. After that our team will head off to Taiwan for 5 weeks for the second part of our adventure. We will be preaching, giving testimony, performing dramas (good way to reach people since theres no language barrier), etc. Our goal is simply to love people into the Kingdom from a place of overflow in whatever way the Spirit leads.

IMG_0589Please be praying for us! We need it!!

Specifically for….

– Unity in our team

– Boldness

– The right words to be given to us

– Language not to be a barrier

– Openness to whatever He wants to do in this time / our own agendas would be laid down

– People to know God’s love for them

– Safety

Ultimately, this is His outreach and we want to be obedient to whatever He calls us to with high, but open expectations!

Thank you for joining me through this adventure. The encouragement and prayers mean so much more than you realize!!

Greater things are yet to come…!

– Much love –

Coming Fully Alive

IMG_0331Hello hello!

Wow, time is flying! It’s week 7 already and so much has been happening. God is definitely doing some awesome things in this school. The past few weeks have been incredibly impactful as we’ve been learning and understanding about our Identity in Christ, Evangelism, Relationships, and Kingdom.

I’ll just share just a tidbit about what has been most impactful for me in the past few weeks:
Identity week was especially eyeopening for me. Jesus has told us exactly what He thinks of us and who we are! We don’t have to guess or try to figure it out. We as sons nd daughters of the King are: Holy, Chosen, Blameless, Loved, Predestined, His own Possession, Sealed in Him, Strong, Seated in heavenly pleas, Complete in Him, Alive, His Handiwork and so on (Ephesians 1). This is our identity in Him! Any thoughts that speak otherwise we have to ask ourselves, “who told me I was __________ (weak, not enough, a failure, ugly, etc)?” If it IMG_0578doesn’t align with what God has told us we are then it’s not from Him and we shouldn’t take that on as our identity! When we choose to believe lies that Satan feeds us over and over because we keep believing them, we actually partner with him instead of God. We are putting our faith in the wrong kingdom. When a lie starts to creep in and we replace it with what God thinks of us we live by faith and are partnering with God. It’s all about choosing to believe what God says about us is true and not relying on what we see or our own understanding!

Something else that I’ve been learning is about how to walk in the opposite spirit. For example, if you suddenly start having a negative thought about something you can change that by first recognizing that God created us to walk in full joy. Negativity/depression/condemnation/fear are not things of God. So:

– Recognize that a spirit which is not of God is trying to come against you. (I see you________ (depression/condemnation, etc)

– We have a choice to partner with it or not.

– When you agree with it then you’ve given it authority // When you disagree and choose not to partner with it you can walk in freedom by speaking truth over yourself and walking in the opposite spirit. If depression was attacking you – walk in the opposite spirit of joy through thankfulness. We don’t have to receive the feelings we get, we have the power to choose what we accept as part of our inheritance!

“The Kingdom of God is here!” God being the incredibly good and loving Father He is doesn’t make us have to wait till we die and are with Him forever to experience the Kingdom of God. We have the power and authority through the Holy Spirit to walk each moment under His Kingdom (King’s domain). As we abide in Him and start living life more His way instead of ours, freedom is released here on Earth. The Kingdom is not our retirement home after we die – it’s here and now! woohoo!

..And so much more! Anyways thats just a touch of what’s been going on here at YWAM sunny coast 🙂

10580219_10152191505596956_4664317997281496156_nIn other news…outreach is soon approaching! Our school will be heading to Bali, Indonesia for the last week of lectures September 6. From there we will split up – one team will be going to India and my team of 6 will be going to Subma, Indonesia and then Taiwan! We’ve been preparing by learning about the country, preparing teachings, praying, and practicing dramas. Sumba is a small island where a vast majority of the people live as rice farmers – many have almost no connection with the outside world and largely have no relationship or understanding of Jesus. We as a team simply want to express and demonstrate God’s love and power for them as well as the people of Taiwan. Prayers are always appreciated!

Next week were off to a nut farm for classes..

That’s all for now.

Lot’s of love ~IMG_0224