Get Involved

I’m so excited that you want to get involved and are passionate about the same things I am! There are so many needs, but none that are too being for King Jesus!!  Through Him we have the ability bring freedom, healing, and hope to the people in South Africa. I can’t say thank you enough for those of you who have taken the time to pray for me, say an encouraging word, give of your time or give financially. There is NO way I could do this alone!! Here’s a few ways you can join me on this exciting journey:

Prayer: When I was on outreach for 2 months last year I felt so lifted up in prayer and support. It was incredibly encouraging and powerful knowing that I had an army of brothers and sisters across the world lifting me up. I read and reread your emails over and over during the rough times. Your love played a significant role in keeping excited and fired up.

Though you may not physically be going to South Africa, if you choose to be, you are just as much apart of this journey and the fruit that is produced through your prayers and petitions. I have seen and experienced the undeniable power of prayer in miraculous ways. Would you commit to praying for me and the country of South Africa? If you would like specific ways to pray, feel free to message me. In return, I will be committed to praying for you as well. It’s really helpful if you give specific requests. You can send these through the contact form, HERE.

Financially: I rely heavily on financial gifts from the generosity of people like you! The biggest need right now is monthly donations, but I also need one time donations for things like visa, plane ticket, etc. If you would like to give financially tax deductible, you can click here to give online.

Thank you so much for your time, love, support, and generosity!


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